Tefal Actifry Review


Tefal ActiFry FZ700015 Review

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When I brought the Tefal ActiFry I was confused. I was thinking if it would really work. So I used a spoon of oil and waited for a while. But I was really amazed after seeing the result. Save £75.09 (38%) off the RRP.


I love home cooked chips. Until now it was difficult if not impossible to get perfect chips every time.

It always seemed like more than a few would be ruined during the deep fry process. That combined with the cost and the cleanup rarely made it worthwhile to make my own chips. That left me with the option of spending a bunch of money out on chips, or more often than not, doing without. That all changed with I finally purchased a Tefal ActiFry FZ700015. With just a spoonful of oil I can have perfect chips every time.
Using a steam release system, the Tefal ActiFry perfectly coats the chip. This way there is no waste and there is a consistency I could not get before from a traditional deep fryer. Inside the area that is getting steamed, there are paddles that gently turn and mix the food. Again, I can’t stress enough how perfectly coated these
chips are. They are better than restaurant bought, and because of the low
maintenance (Just one spoonful of olive oil), they are much cheaper.

Because of this I find myself enjoying a healthy option to chips at least 3 times a week. Clean up is so simple. The lid, bowl and mixers are all dishwasher safe. If you have ever had to clean a traditional deep fryer, you know that this is a godsend. My old deep fryer took in excess of two hours to clean. A quick rinse between dishes on
the Tefal ActiFry is good if you are using it for more than one meal in a night, and when you are done cooking, you can just throw the parts that came in contact with the oil and food into the dishwasher. It has a durable construction that tells me it will last for many years to come. It is scratch resistant and the latch and LCD screen
show no signs of wear after several months of use.

The last thing I will say about my Tefal ActiFry is this. The health benefits of traditional cooking with olive oil versus regular frying oil are remarkable. And because of the cooking process, the nutritional value of the olive oil stays in tact. At a quantity of one spoonful you are getting just the right amount of olive oil. It is just
such a healthy alternative to traditional oil cooking; I have recommended it to the rest of my friends and my family.

Tefal ActiFry is one of the most innovative fryers these days. For oil free cooking Tefal ActiFry is a revolution. It works better than other conventional fryer available in market because you can use only just a spoon of oil to have tasty and healthy fried chips. If you are health conscious then Tefal ActiFry is the right choice for you. Say goodbye to your Deep Fat Fryers. It is time to have a new Tefal ActiFry.  It is a kind of fryer which brings you the same tasty and crispy fry you get from the Deep Fat Fryer but less than 5% fat. You have plenty of options in Tefal ActiFry. It can be used to prepare other meals also. So like other fryers it is not just for cooking chips. You can use the Tefal ActiFry to cook other meals also.

When I brought the Tefal ActiFry FZ700015  I was confused. I was thinking if it would really work. So I used a spoon of oil and waited for a while. But I was really amazed after seeing the result. Crispy chips with a spoon of oil! It tastes better than the chips of Deep Fat Fry, moreover it is healthy and fat free. Trust me you won’t find any differences between the Deep Fat Fryer’s chips and Tefal ActiFry’s chips. It’s delicious. Note that Tefal ActiFry not only ensures a healthy homemade fry but also ensures saving your money. It takes only a spoon of oil for 1 kg potato chips! Just think of it! If you are a restaurant owner then it surely will reduce some of your cooking costs.

Usual fat fryers are not easy to handle. It is tough to operate or clean the deep fryers. Using the Tefal ActiFry is very easy. It is easy to operate and easy to clean also. One of the problems in the traditional fryers is that they smell really bad after few months. The sticky traditional fryers are tough to be cleaned. Although you may still get the chips from the old ones but it is unhealthy to have a sticky and oily fryer with a bad smell. Now a day people are aware of health conscious, so every health conscious person should use Tefal ActiFry.

As I already mentioned, Tefar ActiFry is very easy to clean. Each part of the fryer is eas to remove and clean. You can clean them with dishwasher. The Tefal ActiFry is the right investment for you. It is not costly. Tefal is a reputed brand. Tefal brands are providing the most innovative cookware for you for years. Despite the price of the Tefal brands is a bit higher than the other brands, they are popular because of their quality. Tefal’s dishwasher safe parts are very easy to clean.

Tefal ActiFry can also be used for frying vegetables, meat, fish, roast potatoes etc. You will find a lot of online recipes to cook in Tefal ActiFry. The odorless filter helps not to spread the fry smell in the kitchen. Just add a spoon of oil and fresh potatos in the fryer and wait for a while. It’s Tefal ActiFry which will do the remaining for you. You will enjoy and crispy and healthy meal. The timer will signal you when your meal is ready. Tefal ActiFry’s safety and cleaning features make it unique than other fryers available in market. So if you are looking for the best fryer in the market you can use Tefal ActiFry without any hasitation. Trust me you will be surprised after using the fryer.

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